Our Services

High Intent Users / Year

We focus on what we do best: bringing in high-intent and high-quality prospective students, and clear, helpful operations to get those students enrolled in your program.

  • Application Management

    We work with each student to deliver their completed application directly to you.

  • Enrollment Management

    We help make enrollments easy and clear for you and your prospective students.

  • Retention Services

    Our success is tied to student success. We ensure your students remain committed and motivated throughout their degree program to its completion.

  • Research & Student Services

    We continuously improve the recruitment and enrollment process by auditing and optimizing the student experience.

Online Program Management

Online education is becoming more commonplace, and many companies offer services that will take over a university’s online curriculum development, alongside enrollment and recruiting. However, we believe that universities are the real experts in developing their own curriculum.

Many not-for-profit universities have already built strong operations for their regional campus, but to expand with online programs and reach a national audience of prospective students, universities need to do more. This includes:

  • developing push marketing strategies
  • developing national brand awareness
  • running a dedicated online program enrollment operation — such as a call center — in an ever increasingly competitive environment

We offer marketing and enrollment services, and have the unique advantage of expertise in SEO, which allows us to rapidly rank and leverage university websites, helping schools to scale quickly and from there build into other marketing channels.

We at HigherEducation.com are dedicated to helping universities do all of this to gain that national audience of prospective students.