Attracting more than 15,000 online student enrollments
annually for our university partners.

University Partners

Partner Network

We receive an average of over 6 million monthly visitors to properties across our portfolio. We work to convert these prospective students into high-quality enrollments for our network of schools.

U.S. News
U.S. News has published the world’s leading college and university rankings since 1983. Millions of students of all levels of education rely on U.S. News each year to help them find their best post-secondary education option.
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Kaplan Unversity
  • Grand Canyon Unversity
  • Herzing University

Our Experienced Approach

  • Maximum Partner Visibility

    We make sure that our partners are front and center when a prospective student begins their higher education search.

  • Customized for your needs

    We offer flexible solutions based on your university’s needs, and because we believe in the long-term success of our partnerships.

  • No Upfront fee

    We charge no upfront fees, so our success is based entirely on attracting more high-quality students to your programs.

Services with Results

High Intent Users / Year

  • Application Management

  • Enrollment Management

  • Retention Services

  • Research & Student Services

We focus on what we do best: bringing in high-intent and high-quality prospective students, and clear, helpful operations to get those students enrolled in your program.

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