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  • Daniel Yap


    Vice President, Digital Marketing

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    Over 17 years of digital marketing experience with the past 7 years in higher education. Before joining the team, Daniel led digital marketing for a major higher education institution. In 2013, he was named one of the Top 40 under 40 innovative brand marketers.

  • Patrick Gavin



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    Online marketing veteran with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing having founded multiple online marketing companies. Patrick has a core expertise in digital strategic and content marketing. He was the founder and CEO of Text Link Ads, a business acquired by Lake Capital in 2006. Was a founding investor in HigherEducation.com in 2007 and became CEO in 2009. Led company partnership with Abry Partners in 2011.

  • Rafael Jose



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    With more than 12 years of digital marketing experience, Rafael oversees the content marketing production and operations for the Company. His previous experience includes building sales and account teams for both start-ups and large agencies.

  • Eric Clemmons



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    Infatuated with web technology since Prodigy.net and a huge proponent of leveraging, creating, & committing to open-source development. Eric is driven by improving both user & developer experience.

  • Jeff Mayer


    Senior Vice President, Operations

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    Over 20 years of marketing and business operations experience with the past 6 years serving higher education. Jeff's previous roles include Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing for Academic Partnerships, Executive Director of Marketing for Kaplan Higher Education Group and various domestic and international roles for DHL Express and Komatsu Latin America.

  • Avishan Hodjat


    Senior VP, Sales & Client Services

    Over 15 years of leadership experience in internet technology, marketing and lead generation, including 11 years as an executive in the higher education industry. Avishan specializes in driving enrollment growth for not for profit and private universities.

  • Joeri Weyenberg


    Chief Revenue Officer

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    Over 20 years of strategy and marketing experience, including 6 years as an executive in online education. Most recently, Joeri was head of marketing and student acquisition at one of the largest online higher education institutions in the U.S.

  • Suzanne Guinn


    Vice President, Managing Director

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    With more than 20 years in higher education and expertise in customer experience and market development, Suzanne serves as the primary lisaon between our HE team and our partner universities.

  • Stephen Amante



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    With more than 25 years of experience starting and growing technology enabled service businesses, Stephen is responsible for all finance, accounting, human resources, and administrative functions and is closely involved with most of the company’s operations. He has served as CFO for various private-equity backed enterprises over the last 10 years.

  • John Cascio


    Director of Finance

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    With more than 12 years of experience, John oversees all finance, accounting, data analysis, and forecasting functions. His previous experience includes other private industries and the assurance practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Team Members

  • Cody Anderson

    Cody Anderson

    Marketing Associate

  • Kyle Kuhn

    Kyle Kuhn


  • Alex Forbes

    Alex Forbes

    Web Publisher I

  • Charlie Yaris

    Charlie Yaris

    Marketing Associate

  • Jennifer Yee

    Jennifer Yee

    Director of Offshore Operations

  • Anna Ma

    Anna Ma

    Software Developer

  • James Valentine

    James Valentine

    Senior Marketing Associate

  • Melissa Venable

    Melissa Venable

    Education Writer

  • Brendan Gawlowski

    Brendan Gawlowski

    Managing Editor

  • Erin Mettling

    Erin Mettling

    Freelance Content Manager

  • Ben Goldberg

    Ben Goldberg

    Marketing Data Analyst

  • Outreach Associate

    Colin Weickmann

    Outreach Associate

  • Valerie Bratt-Leal

    Valerie Bratt-Leal

    Editor II

  • Heather Condren

    Heather Condren

    Marketing Associate

  • Amy Bryant

    Amy Bryant

    Outreach Associate

  • Amy Tran

    Amy Tran

    Associate Director, Content

  • Joseph Hopkins

    Joseph Hopkins

    Freelance Production Manager

  • Melissa Messer

    Melissa Messer

    Senior Marketing Associate

  • Ryan Kluge

    Ryan Kluge

    Senior Marketing Associate

  • Nicole Likarish

    Nicole Likarish

    Associate Director, Content

  • Quinn Tomlin

    Quinn Tomlin

    Media Relations Manager

  • David Rubin

    David Rubin

    Marketing Manager

  • Zach Romeo

    Zach Romeo

    Associate Director, Production

  • Katie Nelson

    Katie Nelson

    Content Manager

  • Devon Butler

    Devon Butler

    Marketing Manager

  • Amanda Green

    Amanda Green

    Web Publisher II

  • Ky Phan

    Ky Phan

    Software Engineer

  • Heather Dileepan

    Heather Dileepan

    Marketing Manager

  • Luke Eichinger

    Luke Eichinger

    Marketing Associate

  • Chris Villaluz

    Chris Villaluz

    Software Developer

  • Ben Strauss

    Ben Strauss

    Editor II

  • Content Manager

    Logan Foley

    Content Manager

  • Stephanie Snider

    Stephanie Snider

    Marketing Manager

  • Jonathan Edge

    Jonathan Edge

    Help Desk Analyst

  • Jen Germann

    Jen Germann

    Front End Developer

  • Evan Kaufman

    Evan Kaufman

    Lead Applications Architect

  • Eric Rasch

    Eric Rasch

    Senior Director of Product Development

  • Erich Rahm

    Erich Rahm

    Full Stack JavaScript Engineer

  • Kate Meyer

    Kate Meyer


  • Chad Donohue

    Chad Donohue

    Sr. UX Engineer

  • Saul Maddox

    Saul Maddox

    Applications Developer

  • Tim Fowkes

    Tim Fowkes

    Director UX/Creative

  • Ramzi Beshara

    Ramzi Beshara


  • Dave Robb

    Dave Robb

    Front End Developer

  • Emily Maddox

    Emily Maddox

    Product Growth Manager

  • Dan Douglas

    Dan Douglas


  • Mitch Comardo

    Mitch Comardo

    Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

  • Jason Comes

    Jason Comes

    Front End Developer

  • Will Stern

    Will Stern

    Applications Developer

  • TJ Quinn

    TJ Quinn

    Director of Client Services

  • Michelle Tozzi

    Michelle Tozzi

    VP Client Services

  • Shilpa Shyam

    Shilpa Shyam

    Compliance Analyst

  • Justin Lam

    Justin Lam

    Client Services Analyst

  • Kristen Allcorn

    Kristen Allcorn

    Director of Business Intelligence

  • Christian Jones

    Christian Jones

    Strategy Analyst

  • Erick Vargas

    Erick Vargas

    Data Strategy Analyst

  • Sam Sok

    Sam Sok

    Data Analyst

  • Pilar Sneider

    Pilar Sneider

    Administrative Assistant

  • Christina Valdez

    Christina Valdez

    Accountant & HR Coordinator

  • Stephanie Oaks

    Stephanie Oaks


  • Eric Gilbert

    Eric Gilbert

    Accounting Manager


Apply today & change the education industry

  • Well-being at Work
  • Culture of Learning
  • Personal Time Off
  • Healthy Snack Options
  • Work-from-home Days
  • Offsites and Happy Hours
  • Houston

    1001 McKinney Street, Suite 400 Houston, TX 77002

  • Seattle

    901 5th Avenue, Suite 3220 Seattle, WA 98164

  • Florida

    6950 Cypress Road, Suite 300 & Suite 301 Plantation, FL 33317

  • Iowa

    226 South Clinton Street Iowa City, IA 52245

  • Skilled Freelance Writer

    Higher Education provides prospective college students with rigorous, well-researched information about colleges and the collegiate experience, no matter their age or background.


    Higher Education provides prospective college students with rigorous, well-researched information about colleges and the collegiate experience, no matter their age or background.

    Are You:

    • A fact-minded, thorough researcher and a skilled, concise writer?
    • Capable of composing high-quality white papers, guides, blog posts, general web copy, and collegiate profiles on tight deadlines?
    • Excited to refine your craft by working with a talented and experienced editorial staff?

    If so, we want you on our team!

    What You Can Expect From Us

    • Above-average industry rates per word, with built-in opportunities to increase how much you can make over time.
    • A consistent stream of work.
    • Detailed project outlines and specifications that make it clear exactly how your final work should be structured.
    • A weekly payment cycle with fast invoicing turnaround.
    • Consistent feedback on your work designed to help you improve as a writer.
    • The ability to work on your own terms. As long as you meet our deadlines and have internet access, you can work from across the globe and at all hours of the day.
    • Transparent communication. You will always know where you stand and the quantity of upcoming work available to you.

    What We Expect From You

    • You must be able to write a minimum of 5,000 words per week (no exceptions).
    • You must be willing and able to follow instructions in a precise manner.
    • You must have at least two years of professional writing experience (in this case, professional means writing for which you received payment). While there are creative elements to the work that we do, our content is largely grounded in investigative research and factual information synthesis. We prefer individuals with freelance and journalistic backgrounds.
    • You must possess a demonstrable mastery of the English language, including proficiency in grammar, syntax, tone, and spelling.
    • You must have a Gmail account (or be able to make one).
    • You must have familiarity with Google Docs, AP style, basic HTML, and basic SEO writing best practices.

    How to Apply

    Using the subject line “Freelance Writer Application – [Your Full Name],” email the following materials to writersnetwork@highereducation.com as readable documents:

    • A resume that details your current and previous freelance writing experience;
    • two (2) writing samples that demonstrate your command of English and your ability to research and synthesize factual information (please limit samples to a maximum of 2,000 words); and
    • if you administer an online portfolio, blog, or a collection of other work that you feel accurately showcases your abilities as a writer, please include a link.

    If you qualify, Higher Education’s production team will contact you for additional screening including a paid, 20-30 minute online assessment to measure how well you may fit into our system. Even if you are not accepted as a writer into our network, you will receive payment for your time.

    Please be aware that due to the high volume of resumes Higher Education receives, we cannot respond to all applicants at this time.

    Apply Now

  • Front-end Developer

    Build boss sites.

    Remote, US-only

    NOTE: To be considered for a remote position, you need to be based in the U.S. at this time.

    We need a developer with a solid understanding of WordPress, theme coding, and most importantly, the ability to work as part of a team.

    Your primary responsibility will be converting layered Illustrator/Sketch designs to WordPress parent and child themes that we custom code & build from scratch. Your HTML5 & CSS3 skills will shine as you show off optimization and code quality when resolving bugs and issues when they come up. You’ll also work at designing and developing better user experiences and measuring the effect on those through A/B tests.

    We practice good coding standards, we build for the future, and we don’t believe in cowboy coding or working in a bubble. We’re looking for thinkers … with talent. We don’t need employees.

    What you’ll be doing day-to-day

    • Writing code with a focus on performance, speedy page load times, improving conversion rates
    • Building sites and implementing redesigns, designed in Illustrator/Sketch, on our WordPress-based sites
    • Coding features for our sites (both through WP Themes and not) using HTML5/CSS/PHP/JS
    • Designing and developing better user experiences and measuring the effect on those through A/B tests
    • Future-proofing our sites with maintenance fixes, updating features, and rolling out responsive, mobile-friendly platforms
    • Conversing, committing, and delivering via Asana/Slack/GitHub/email (in whatever order that is)
    • Exploring new technologies/tools for finding solutions to new (and old) problems
    • Optimizing conversions with A/B testing and Visual Website Optimizer and Google Optimize (yep … important enough to list here and not with the Pluses below)

    Application Architecture (things you’ll HAVE to know)

    • Heavy PHP Experience (you love PHP so much you got excited when null coalescing operators were added to PHP7)
    • Rock-solid, working, current knowledge of the in and outs, ups and downs of WordPress
    • Sass, Bourbon, etc. (or other CSS pre-processor)
    • CSS Frameworks (Bourbon/Neat, Twitter Bootstrap, 960.gs, Foundation, etc… we roll our own, btw)
    • JavaScript & jQuery skills
    • Experience with build and package management tools like Gulp, Grunt, NPM, Bower, etc
    • Structured Data (gotta satisfy the Googles)
    • Advanced understanding of all the cool buzzwords… SEO, Web-standards, accessibility and usability concepts, information architecture, UX & UI design (heavy on the UX)
    • Good communication skills & a great can-do attitude (We’re totally serious about this one.)
    • A GitHub account or experience with other version control (SVN, CVS, etc. … but git/gh is where it’s at)

    Tech Stack

    html5, css3, javascript, jquery, php, wordpress, git, github, node.js, angular, react, vagrant, npm, bower, bundler, gulp, sass, composer


    • Chris Coyier is a hero of yours.
    • You know the entire CanIUse library inside and out.
    • You want to teach as much as learn.
    • You have a pixel-perfect design eye with Photoshop/Illustrator or Sketch skills to match. It’s going to come in super-handy.
    • You read sites like SmashingMagazine.com and actually put tutorials into practice.
    • You’ve attended a WordCamp, Meetup, or other industry conference.

    Human Environment

    • Centrally located in downtown Houston, free employee parking
    • Coed work environment, casual dress
    • Cool office perks (free sodas/Topo Chico/coffee, snacks, etc.)
    • Generous salary considerations & full benefits

    What We Value

    We love to work as a team but office hours are flexible. Producing is more important than meeting a “9 to 5” schedule. We understand there are moments when you need to isolate yourself to concentrate so working from home is permitted and encouraged. We like to have a good time and minimize stress with good in-office coffee, lounge/reading time and regular happy hours. We work hard and meet realistic deadlines. What good is delivering a poor product early?

    HigherEducation.com builds sites that attract more than 15,000 online student enrollments annually for our university partners.


    • 401K (up to 6% matched)
    • Medical, dental, and vision is covered by HigherEducation.com for the employee
    • Health Savings Account (HSA) and Federal Spending Account (FSA) available
    • Parking/Public transportation (depending office location)
    • Paid Time Off
    • Gym-membership reimbursement
    • flexible schedule
    • opportunities to work remotely

    Apply Now

  • Houston

    1001 McKinney Street, Suite 400 Houston, TX 77002

  • Seattle

    901 5th Avenue, Suite 3220 Seattle, WA 98164

  • Florida

    6950 Cypress Road, Suite 300 & Suite 301 Plantation, FL 33317

  • Iowa

    226 South Clinton Street Iowa City, IA 52245

Values & Culture Statement

We at Higher Education strive to create a professional and fun environment where people look forward to work. This is a place for collaboration, inspiration, and support. We continuously push ourselves to solve simple and complex issues as a way to advance Higher Education’s success, as well as our own professional learning.

  • Communication

    Transfer information and opinions openly

  • Respect

    Show admiration for teammates’ abilities and qualities

  • Accountabilty

    Take responsibility for actions and decisions

  • Continuous Improvement

    Solve problems gradually with each step building on the previous one

  • Collaboration

    Work together toward one common goal

  • Fun

    Contribute to a positive social and professional atmosphere