Brand Assets

Below are some guidelines for using our brand resources. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You can download individual assets in each section or you can use the button below to download a .zip file which includes all assets.

Download All Assets

Brand Assets Contents

  • Logo .EPS (Dark and Light)
  • Dark Logo .PNG (XX-XX-XX-XX)
  • Light Logo .PNG (XX-XX-XX-XX)
  • Color Palette
  • Roboto Slab Google Font (.TTF)
  • Lato Google Font (.TTF)

When you need the official HigherEducation logo for a web site or publication, please use one of the following. Select the appropriate logo based on the background being used.


We’ve carefully selected several primary and secondary colors for various uses. Copy the numeric color values listed and paste them into the program of your choice.


  • #C6BDBD

    RGB 198 189 189

  • #CA1311

    HEX #CA1311
    RGB 202 19 17

  • #252630

    HEX 252630
    RGB 37 38 48


  • #46C8ED

    HEX 46C8ED
    RGB 70 200 237

  • #FFA032

    HEX FFA032
    RGB 255 160 50


Robot Slab and Lato are two Google fonts that work well with the HigherEducation brand. Download and install these fonts with the links below.

Roboto Slab

(Headings, Titles, or Primary Call-To-Actions)


Download Roboto Slab


(Subtitles, Sub-Headings, or Body Copy)


Download Lato

Common Mistakes

Use this guide to make sure the graphics you’re using are the most current and mistake-free.

  • common mistake 1

    Don’t distort the logo. Maintaining the proper aspect ratio is important. When resizing, adjust the height and width equally.

  • common mistake 2

    Don’t change the logo colors. The logo comes in two variants – please use the appropriate logo for your needs.

  • common mistake 3

    Don’t edit the logo. Please refrain from altering the logo in anyway.